On November 1, 2012 leaders of the group corporation, all supervisors, members of functional departments and some salespersons attended a training course of Zhongxu Business Administration Co., Ltd. on career execution...
t the end of 2012 the group corporation implemented "5S" Management Approach all around. General Manager Li pointed out that it's necessary to build brand values of the enterprise itself to ...
Under concerns of the company's leaders, on October 23, 2012 our company carried out an event of "2-day Tour of Wuxi and Bacheng" in an ...
Good News - The Group Was Entitled "Hi-tech Enterprise"
A group-wide all-inclusive body building facilities network, based on gross-roots sports facilities, has come into being. The concept of "work happily and live healthily" has been integrated into the ...
First thank you very much for your consistent support and favor of our company! To strengthen our company's brand management ...
As an industrial product, the pump has been increasingly widely applied in transporting media and as a power source, and there ...
The technical key in installing a centrifugal pump lies in determination of the water pump's installation height. This height ...
Many operators think that the lower the pumping lift is, the smaller the motor load will be. Misled by such a wrong understanding, they often choose a very high lift head in selecting a water pump. As a matter of fact....
Two thirds of Chinese export enterprises have ever encountered overseas technical barriers, and Chinese export enterprises shall respond to such barriers from five aspects.
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