Installation Instructions:
1.In installation, the pipeline weight shall not be exerted on the water pump but supported respectively lest the pump will be deformed to affect its working performance and life. 
2.The pump and the motor are integrated, unnecessary for alignment in installation, so its installation is very easy. 
3.In installation, anchor bolts must be fastened lest the vibration of starting will affect the pump's performance. 
4.Before installing the water pump, it's necessary to check carefully whether there are any hard matters (such as stone and iron grit) affecting the pump's running in its flow channel lest they will damage the pump's impeller and body during running.
5.For easy maintenance and safe use, a control valve is mounted respectively on the pump's inlet and outlet pipelines and a pressure gauge mounted near the pump's outlet to guarantee the operation within the rated lift head and flow ranges, ensure the pump's normal operation and extend its service life. 
6.If the pump is used for the suction lift occasion, a bottom valve shall be mounted and there shall not be excessive turns in the inlet pipeline or water and gas leakage.  
7.The discharge pipeline, such as the non-return valve, shall be mounted outside the gate valve. 
8.After installation, turn the pump shaft, and the impeller shall have no friction noise or seizure; otherwise, it's necessary to disassemble the pump to check reasons. 
9.The pump's installation includes two connection modes: rigid and flexible. 

Start and Stop:
(I) Preparations before starting
1.Rotate the motor fan blade by hand and the impeller shall rotate flexibly without jamming and friction.
2.Open the inlet valve and also the exhaust valve to fill the whole pump chamber with liquid and then close the exhaust valve. 
3.Rotate the pump by hand so that the lubricating fluid can enter the mechanical seal's end face.
4.Jog the motor to ensure that the rotation direction is accurate.

(II) Starting and running
1.Open the inlet valve fully and close the discharge pipeline valve. 
2.Plug in, when the normal speed of pump reaches, open the valve of the outlet pipeline gradually and adjust to the required working conditions. 
3.Note to observe the instrument reading and check the leakage condition of the shaft gland. In a normal case, the leakage of mechanical seal shall be <3 drops/min. Check that the temperature of motor and bearing is ≤70℃; in case of abnormalities, it's necessary to troubleshoot them promptly.

(III) Stop
1.Close the discharge pipeline valve gradually and cut off power. 
2.Close the inlet valve. 
3.If the ambient temperature is lower than 0℃, it's necessary to exhaust the liquid in the pump to avoid the frost crack of the pump.
4.To be idle for long, it's necessary to disassemble the pump to clean, package and store it.

Pump Maintenance:
(I) Maintenance in service
1.The water inlet pipeline must be airtight in a high degree
2.The pump is prohibited from continuous running in the cavitation state.
3.The motor is prohibited from continuous over-current running when the pump is running in a state of high flow.
4.Check on a regular basis whether the pump has continuous over-current running.
5.The pump during running should be in the charge of specific personnel to avoid accidents. 
6.The bearing shall be oiled every 500 hours of pump's running. Those with motor power higher than 11KW are provided with an oil filler so that the oil can be injected directly with a high-pressure oil gun to ensure the good lubrication of the bearing.
7.If the pump unit has noise and violent vibrations due to the mechanical abrasion after continuous running, it's necessary to stop it to check and also replace the wearing parts and bearing if necessary. Generally the unit's overhaul period is one year.

(II) Maintenance of mechanical seal
1.The lubrication of mechanical seal shall be clean and contain no solid particles.
2.The mechanical seal is prohibited from working in the state of dry grinding.
3.Before starting, rotate the pump (motor) for several circles to avoid the breakage and damages of the seal ring caused by sudden starting.


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