ALGB Series Detachable Vertical Centrifugal Pump
Flow Rate Range: 5.3-2000m3/h
Head Range: 1-133m
Operation Temperature: -15℃-120℃
Matched Power: 0.37-250KW
Working Pressure: ≤1.6MPa
Flow-through Material: Cast Iron, Stainless Steel
Model Meaning

  ALGB、 ALRB type knockdown vertical pipeline centrifugal pump, is a kind of novel-structure and advanced-technology pump on the basis of ALG type. Impeller and pump housing are designed with the most excellent hydraulic model, which eliminates vertical pump's big shaft force problem; motor is Y series standard general type, so it is convenient to change them; Besides, it is totally easy-knockdown structure, so it is easy to change a big power pump bearing, mechanical seal, impeller and pump shaft. Compare with other similar pumps, it is steadier, the life is longer and more convenient to maintain. It takes the lead at home, is the most ideal product to replace the vertical pump of ALG model, the IS model and the S model.


  1. Vertical structure, easy to install and debug. Unique design of pumps housing and motor, which makes sure the high concentric degree and processing precision, less floor and investment needed. The structure is compact, casting and appearance is exquisite, which may compare with overseas famous vertical pump.
  2. With low speed Y series standard general motor, which operates steadily and noiselessly.
  3. Adopts international famous brand bearing, precision is high, has good reliability and longer life.
  4. Impeller designation adopts the most excellent hydraulic model, which can longer the life of pump shaft and mechanical sealed.
  5. The bearing in motor has refueling hole and oil discharging hole, it is very convenient for the care and maintenance of bearing.
  6. Detachable claw type flexible shaft coupling makes pump start with no vibration and no noise, and has shield outside the revolving parts, safety is very good.
  7. Mechanical seal adopts stainless steel, carbonization tungsten and fluorine rubber material, it is high temperature resistant, high pressure resistance and long life, without seepage, has no wear to axle, which guarantees the neatness of working environment.
  8. Pump cover structural design is unique, only need to unload the claw type flexible shaft coupling and pump cover nut, can easily take out the bearing, pump cover, pump shaft and impeller to change mechanical seal and impeller, and no need to dismantle motor, pump housing and pipeline.


  ALGB model knockdown type single stage centrifugal pump: Mainly used in the industry, high building city water supply and the pipeline pressure boosting of fire control, air-condition cold/hot water circulation, the remote water transportation as well as production technology circulating pressure boosting . ALRB model hot water pump is suitable for metallurgy, chemical engineering, weaving, timber processing, papermaking and the boilers such as hotel, bathroom and guesthouse and city heating system water supply, etc.
   1. Senior level construction pressure boosting
   2. Factory system transportation
   3. The systematic pressurization
   4. The central air-condition cold cycle of hot water
   5. Boiler system transportation
   6. Swimming pool water supply
   7. The cycle of pressure boosting in processing

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