JYWQ and JPWQ Series Automatic Agitating Sewage Pumps
Flow Rate Range: 12-600m3/h
Head Range: 6-40m
Operation Temperature: -15℃-60℃
Matched Power: 1.1-30KW
Working Pressure: ≤1.6MPa
Flow-through Material: Cast Iron, Stainless Steel
Model Meaning

    JYWQ and JPWQ series automatic agitating sewage pumps has been added with automatic agitating device on the basis of ordinary sewage pump.This device rotates along with the motor shaft to produce considerable agitating power.The residual in the sewage pool will be agitated into suspended material that will be pumped in and then discharged out,thus to improve the anti—clogging and sewage discharge capacity of pump.Ihe process of water discharge,sewage cleaning and desilting can be completed in one move,which has greatly economized operating cost.They are environmental-protection products of great superiority and practicality.JPWQ pumps are fitted with internal circulation cooling system to ensure safe operation under waterless(dry)conditions.

1.Discharge of seriously polluted industrial and commercial wastewater
2.Drainage system in city sewage treatment plant.Hospitals and hotels.
3.Sewage drainage station in residential areas.
4.Drainage station of civil air defense,and water supply devices in waterworks.
5.Municipal engineering and construction sites.
6.Auxiliary equipment for exploration,mines and power plants.
7.Rural methane tanks,agricultural irrigation and river desilting.

1.Temperature of medium not exceeding 60~C,gravity 1~1.3kg/dm3,and PH value 4~1 0.
2.1Crl 8Ni9Ti stainless steel may be used to deliver corrosive medium.

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