ZW Series Self-priming Non-block Sewage Pumps
Flow Rate Range: 5-800m3/h
Head Range: 12-60m
Operation Temperature: -15℃-200℃
Matched Power: 2.2-55KW
Working Pressure: ≤1.6MPa
Flow-through Material: Cast Iron, Stainless Steel
Model Meaning

       ZW self-suction drainage pump is developed based on the structures and characteristics of ZX centrifugal pump and QW drainage pump, referring to the advantages of similar productions at home and abroad, soliciting the demands and opinions of various customers. It is integrated with self-suction and drainage, which doesn't need to fix a foot valve or fill inducting water as common clean water self-suction pump and can pump sewage, sediment, waste mine impurity, dejecta containing great suspended solid sewage with a diameter 60% as the outlet diameter and fibrous things whose lengths are 1.5 times as the impeller and all engineering sewage and colloid liquid, completely reducing workers' labor intensity. It is easy to use, move and fix, seldom needs maintenance and performs steadily.

1.Ambient temperature≤50℃,temperature of medium≤80℃ up to 200℃ in case of special requirement.
2.PH value of medium:6-9 for cast iron material,and 2-13 for stainless steel material.
3.Gravity of medium:not exceeding 1240kg/m3.
4.Self-priming height not exceeding the specified value by 4.5-5.5m,and the length of suction pipe less than 10 meters.
5.Throughput capacity the diameter of suspending particles not exceeding the 60%of pump diameter,and the length of fibre less than the 5 times of pump diameter.

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