ALCB-X Series Full Automatic Variable Frequency Constant Pressure Water Supply Equipment
Flow Range: ≤360m3/h
Pressure Range: ≤2.5MPa
Temperature range: -20℃-120℃
Motor Power: ≤315KW
Pressure Adjustmetn Precision : ≤0.01MPa
Model Meaning

Performance and characters:
● Reasonable type: first choice for modern construction water supply
● Environmental type: Improve the quality of water, refuse second pollute.
● Intellectual type: completely auto safety and continuously running
● High grade: without maintenance, the effect of power-save is obvious.

Apply range:
● Auto water supply for tap water and agriculture spray & irrigate station
● Water supply for industry and civil construction.
● Cool and heat water supply for central heating, air-condition and boiler.
● Water supply for music fountain in the square

Technical parameter:
● Range of flux ≤5000m3 h
● Pressure range≤2.5MPa
● Temperature range:-20°C~110°C
● Electric machine power≤315kw
● Pressure adjusting precision ≤0.01MP

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