ALNS Series Single-stage double-suction split centrifugal pump
Flow Rate Range: 68-3975m3/h
Head Range: 6-230m
Operation Temperature: the liquid's highest temperature is≤80℃(~120℃)
Matched Power:
Working Pressure: ≤2.5MPa
Flow-through Material:
Model Meaning

    The ALNS single-stage double-suction split centrifugal pump is a new product of the new generation of split double-suction pumps developed by our company independently in accordance with the market demand and on the basis of absorbing advanced technologies of our counterparts both at home and abroad extensively.It is noticeably featured by:a complete range of spectra selected as you wish,an excellent performance of the model,a novel and reliable structure,being easy for maintenance and a long life.At present we produce 46 types of ALNS pumps with 390 basic specifications.With proyotype and modified impellers and cutting,the pump has full and side spectra and high working efficiency,and within the spectrum performance range,we can provide water pumps with any working points of flow and lift head ti meet user needs appropriately.

    With careful manufacture and complete quality control,the product is leading in China.Our company has been certified by ISO9001,so our product quality can be fully assured.

    This pump line conforms to these standards:ISO2548C,GB3216C and GB/T5657.

    The product is widely applicable for water supply and drainage in cities and water supply in towns;water supply and drainage for central heating systems;water supply and drainage for iron and steel metallurgy enterprises,petrochemical and refinery plants,paper mills,oil fields,thermal power plants,building of airports,chemical fiber plants,textile mills,suger mills,chemical plants and power stations;water supply for fire and air-conditioning systems of plants and mines;drainage of stagnant water and irrigation of farmland and different kinds of water conservancy works.

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