ALCW micro-computerized non-suction pressure constant-flow water supply equipment is of a notable effect on both fund and energy saving,which,comparde to others,can be over 50% for the pool construction cost and 20~40% for electricity saving.

Automatic water supply in waterworks and agricultural irrigation stations,Production and domestic water supply in industrial and civilian constructions,Cold and hot water supply for heating,ventilating,air-conditioning,boiler,etc,Automatic water supply for music fountain in squares.

Auto water supply for tap water and agriculture spray & irrigate station,Water supply for industry and civil construction,Cool and heat water supply for central heating, air-condition and boiler,Water supply for music fountain in the square.

Large capacity of available water, constant pressure water supply even under cutoff of water and power supply, assured of 10 minutes of water supply in case of emergency. Full automatic control, maintained air pressure and steady flow of water.

This product is unique in its structure and easy for construction. It’s characterized by being clean, sanitary, nice-looking, flexible in combination, low in material consumption, high-strength, very durable and so on.

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